Expert analysis is often called for if two pieces of music sound alike, particularly in cases where litigation is being considered or has been initiated as a result of a copyright infringement.

Similarities between two pieces of music can often happen when a composer has been asked to create a work that is similar to another, particularly in the case of matching a “temp” music track for a media project.

An expert musicologist can provide a professional opinion as to what elements are protected by music copyright and what elements are not, and can even suggest ways in which to avoid a potential copyright problem.

JoAnn Kane Music Service has been providing musicology advice to  songwriters, composers, producers and film music departments since the early 1970’s. Working as an advisor in the creative process, JKMS has been successful in helping clients avoid copyright infringement issues before a case arises.

Using time-honored elements of music as a basis for comparison, including melody, harmony, form, instrumentation and intent, a musical analysis report is provided for the client incorporating possible solutions if required.