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JoAnn Kane Music Service’s clients include film composers, arrangers, opera, jazz and popular singers, songwriters, classical cross-over artists, symphony orchestras, big bands, theater producers, videogame companies, television producers, music publishers and more.

We offer a wide range of music preparation services including preparation of scores and parts, audio takedowns, midi transcriptions, and proofreading. We have an extensive music research library and offer an elegant bespoke music bookbinding service.

Early adopters, we’re current with the latest technology including the newest editions of Finale and Sibelius for notation and Logic and Digital Performer for midi-transcriptions. We offer FTP servers for our clients with dedicated high-speed Internet access.

Our standard is accuracy, efficiency, timeliness, flexibility and impeccable attention to detail. Our reputation is for offering highly customized, reliable personal service no matter what the scale of the project. Our goal is to achieve the highest degree of client satisfaction.


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