Jerry Goldsmith


13th Warrior - Viking Victory
Agony and the Ectasy Suite
Air Force One
Alien - End Title
Alien - Out The Door / End Title
Alien - The Shaft
Baby: Secret Of The Lost Legend - Baby's Alive / End Credits
Basic Instinct - An Unending Story
Basic Instinct - Main Title Theme
Basic Instinct - Roxy Loses
Basic Instinct Suite
Blue Max, The - Finale
Blue Max, The - Overture
Blue Max, The - Suite
Blue Max, The - The Attack
Boys from Brazil - Waltz / The Boys
Bronco Busting
Calling, The
Capricorn One
Cassandra Crossing, The - Suite
Christus Apollo
Damnation Alley - Main Title / End Title
Dennis the Menace - End Credits
Edge - Finale
Edge - Main Title
Final Conflict, The
Fireworks: A Celebration of Los Angeles
First Flight (First Blood)
First Knight Suite
Forever Young - Love Theme
Four Women Medley
Gathering Of Eagles, A - Concert Suite
Great Train Robbery Suite
Hoosiers Suite
Illustrated Man - Main Title
Invaders, The
King Solomon’s Mines Suite
L.A. Confidential
Legend - The Door / The Jewels
Legend - The Dress Waltz
Lionheart: The Children's Crusade - Robert’s Theme
Logan’s Run - Monument / End of the City
MacArthur - Concert Suite
Masada Suite
Motion Picture Medley
Mummy, The
Music For Orchestra
Never Surrender (First Knight)
Omen Suite
Papillion Suite
Papillon Theme
Patch of Blue Suite
Patton - Attack
Patton - Main Title
Patton - The Battle Ground
Patton - The Hospital
Patton - The Payoff
Patton / MacArthur Marches (“The Generals”)
Patton / MacArthur Marches (”The Generals”) - Concert Band
Patton March (from “The Generals”)
Patton Suite
Planet of the Apes - No Escape
Planet of the Apes Suite
Poltergeist - Carol Anne's Theme
Poltergeist - Night of the Beast (Clown Attack)
Poltergeist - The Calling
Poltergeist - The Light
Powder Theme
QB VII - Suite (arr. 2014)
QB VII - Suite (original)
Rambo - Theme
Rambo: First Blood Part 2 - Home Flight
Rambo: First Blood Pt. 2 - Theme
Red Pony Suite
Rudy - Back On The Field
Rudy - Final Game
Rudy - Take Us Out (a.k.a. On the Field)
Rudy - Theme for Flute Solo and Chamber Orch
Rudy - To Notre Dame
Rudy - Tryouts
Rudy Suite
Rudy, Theme from
Russia House - Love Theme
Salamander, The - Goodbyes and End Credits
Salamander, The - Main Titles
Salamander, The - Requiem for a General
Sand Pebbles Suite
Shadow - Main Theme
Six Degrees of Separation - Tango
Sleeping with the Enemy - Theme for Flute and Chamber Orch
Sleeping with the Enemy Theme
Soarin' Over California
Strong Men, The - Total Recall and Rambo Themes
Supergirl Suite (End Titles)
Swarm - Bees Arrive
Terrorists, The (AKA Ransom) - Suite
Total Recall Suite
TV Themes Medley
Twilight Zone: The Movie - End Title
Under Fire Suite
Wind And The Lion, The (Concert Band)
Wind And The Lion, The - Main Title Theme
Wind And The Lion, The - Suite

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