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Abyss - Finale View
Agony and the Ectasy Suite View
Air Force One View
All About Eve - Overture View
All About Eve - Record Version View
Avatar Suite View
Bad and the Beautiful - Mvt. I: Love Is For The Very Young (M.T.) View
Bad and the Beautiful - Mvt. II: The Acting Lesson View
Bad and the Beautiful - Mvt. III: The Quickies and Sneak Preview View
Basic Instinct - Main Title Theme View
Basic Instinct Suite View
Big Speech, Big Finish View
Blue Max, The - Suite View
Bourne Identity, The View
Boys from Brazil - Waltz / The Boys View
Capricorn One View
Cleopatra - Overture / Main Title View
Cocoon Theme View
Come What May View
Conquest - Captain From Castile View
Contact - End Credits View
Crossroads from “Cast Away” View
Defiance - Nothing Is Impossible View
Edge - Main Title View
Edward Scissorhands - Ice Dance View
Edward Scissorhands - Main Title View
Edward Scissorhands Suite (The Haircut) View
El Cid Main Title View
Elk Hunt View
Forever Amber - I. Main Title - 'Amber' View
Forever Amber - II. The King's Mistress View
Forever Amber - III. Whitefriars and IV. The Great Fire View
Forever Amber - V. End Title - 'Finale' View
Forever Young - Love Theme View
Gentleman's Agreement Suite View
Give Me Your Hand View
Grand Canyon Fanfare View
Great Expectations Suite View
Great Train Robbery Suite View
Great Tree, The View
Hide and Seek - Main Titles View
Hoffa Theme View
Hoosiers Suite View
How the West was Won View
How to Marry a Millionaire - Street Scene View
Illustrated Man - Main Title View
L.A. Confidential View
Last of the Mohicans - Fort Battle View
Last of the Mohicans - Kiss, The View
Last of the Mohicans - Main Title View
Last of the Mohicans - Top Of The World View
Last of the Mohicans Suite View
Laura's Theme View
Lionheart: The Children's Crusade - Robert’s Theme View
London Calling View
Lost April View
Masada Suite View
Motion Picture Medley View
Papillon Theme View
Passion of the Christ Symphony, The View
Patch of Blue Suite View
Patton - Attack View
Patton - Main Title View
Patton - The Battle Ground View
Patton - The Hospital View
Patton - The Payoff View
Patton / MacArthur Marches (“The Generals”) View
Patton Suite View
Pennsylvania Polka View
Powder Theme View
Prince of Tides Suite, The View
QB VII - Suite (original) View
Quick and the Dead, The View
Robe - Farewell to Diana View
Robe - Main Title View
Robe - Slave Market View
Rudy - Back On The Field View
Rudy - Final Game View
Rudy - Take Us Out (a.k.a. On the Field) View
Rudy - Theme for Flute Solo and Chamber Orch View
Rudy - To Notre Dame View
Rudy - Tryouts View
Rudy Suite View
Rudy, Theme from View
Russia House - Love Theme View
Sand Pebbles Suite View
Six Degrees of Separation - Tango View
Sleeping with the Enemy Theme View
Snow Falling on Cedars Suite View
Song of Bernadette - Main Title View
Song of Bernadette - Overture View
Song of Bernadette - Scherzo View
Strong Men, The - Total Recall and Rambo Themes View
The Chosen - End Titles View
Titanic Suite View
Under Fire Suite View
Under the Tuscan Sun Suite View
Viva Zapata - Gathering of Forces View
What Lies Beneath - End Credits View
Wind And The Lion, The (Concert Band) View
Wind And The Lion, The - Main Title Theme View
Wind And The Lion, The - Suite View
X-Files - Post-Modern Prometheus View
X-Files Main Title Theme View

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